Thursday, May 10, 2012

deer + almond, a slice of Manhattan

I walked into Deer + Almond, located at 85 Princess, eight-thirty last friday night and the atmosphere was bold and vibrant. With a welcome smile, the hostess guided me to my table where I had a view of the entire restaurant. In an instant I felt I had discovered a hip eatery where I had been transported to an international metropolitan locale like New York, or Berlin.

It didn't take long at all for my server to appear where I was welcomed again with a delightful smile. His knowledge of the menu along with the special's for the night was impressive, so much so, I ordered all three specials, as his confident description had my mouth water in anticipation.

Bee's Kiss was the cocktail I decided I would begin my new dining experience with. I'm not much for the taste of alcohol, but when I read the ingredients I felt it was intriguing enough to give it a try. When my drink arrived I was delighted with the sweet, smooth taste, and I was about to learn that this was the start to what would be a unique and memorable dining adventure.

Three prawns wrapped in Prosciutto resting on top of aged balsamic and extra virgin olive oil was my first dish to arrive at my table. My knowledgeable server, Daniel Gurebich, had recommended this tasty dish that was topped with Foe Gras Tukchon. I had to thank him as this first meal item had the perfect blend of flavour, tang and zip, I loved it.

The next entree was Smoked Billage Bay Oysters, basked in Manitoba Chokecherry vinaigrette. I was enchanted by the presentation as the oyster's were housed in a wooden bowl and when the lid was removed by my server, a puff of cedar smoke escaped like a spell. I really enjoy seafood and I have never experienced oysters that tasted, or were displayed like this. It was fantastic! I really was surprised when Chef Mandel Hitzer appeared at my table to ask how I was enjoying my dinner so far. I was taken aback by actually having a Chef come to my table to see how I was enjoying my dinner, this simply added to my dining experience at his establishment.

My third selection after the prawns and oysters had me feeling skeptical, when the baked Burrata on Flatbread with fresh tomatoes, basil and chili oil arrived. I have two words.....mouthwatering good. I capped my dinner with a final cocktail called Red Dragon; it had a fruity and potent taste.

I'm not a foodie, or a Winnipegger that is religious in the restaurant scene. In fact, I usually stick with the restaurants where I really like the food, because I know I won't be disappointed. I ended up at Deer + Almond through a strong recommendation from a friend. I have been lucky to have my fair share of travelling and I enjoy going to restaurants when I'm abroad. Deer + Almond had me feeling like I was at a vacation destination versus right here in Winnipeg, the food and ambience was special and so tasty.

I will be returning with my friends and family so that they too will experience the culinary delights served at Deer + Almond.Deer + Almond on Urbanspoon

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  1. Hi, I found your blog when I was looking for Deer + Almond website (which I never found). Thanks to your review, I want to go with friends this weekend. Can you tell me the approximate price range of entrees?